Terms of use

Article 1

Muzzik is a service offered by Original film DOO, Koče Popovića 9, Beograd, Republic of Serbia which enables users to access contents on open Internet network through receiver units (smart phones, computers, tablets and/or AndroidTV apps), wherever they may be.

Muzzik Radio, Muzzik Radio&TV and Muzzik TV services (hereinafter referred to as the "Muzzik") are available through the website https://www.muzzik.tv (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") and client applications iOS app, (iOS 10 and later), Android app (Android OS 6 and later) and AndroidTV app (AndroidTV OS 8 and later).

These Terms of Use determine the ways in which the service of providing Muzzik contents through an open Internet network is to be used.

Article 2

In order to use Muzzik services, user needs to make sure that their receiver unit is functioning properly, that it is connected to the Internet, that relevant application has been installed on it and that it has adequate computer software, depending on the type and the model of the receiver unit. Muzzik services are available only while the receiver unit is connected to the Internet, regardless of the connection type, which, among others, may include mobile and fixed network infrastructure, household installations, wireless connection, hot spots, etc. The user is aware of the fact and accepts that the use of the service requires high-quality internet access and that, depending on the quality of the Internet connection, Muzzik service may not always be available under equal conditions and with equal quality. Original film DOO is not responsible for the unavailability of the service due to pre-arranged and planned maintenance or system upgrading procedures, for service inaccessibility due to force majeure, for inaccessibility caused by activities and phenomena that Original film DOO doesn't have control of (e.g. inadequate use of user devices, power outages at the user's end, infrastructure connection disruption at the user's end, failure in the mobile transmission network or unsatisfactory quality of the mobile access connection).

To use Muzzik services, user is required to register with a valid e-mail address. The area from which the user accesses Muzzik service is determined by the IP address. Data on IP addresses tend to vary occasionally, and therefore Original film DOO can't be held accountable in case a user is temporarily unable to access certain content for such reasons. When registering and using, users are required to provide complete, correct and accurate data.

Original film DOO takes all necessary measures to secure privacy of user's personal data in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. By using and/or registering, the user accepts these Terms of Use and any changes and amendments thereto.

By using Muzzik services or any of its parts, it is assumed that users are aware of current terms of use at any moment and it is presumed they understand them in their entirety.

Article 3

Original film DOO secures the use of the content within the Muzzik services to its users in good faith. All users may use the contents solely in accordance with these Terms of Use. Muzzik service consists of content produced by Original film DOO, content produced by its partners and advertisers, links to external pages and audio / audio-visual media services on demand. Users use all the contents at their own risk and Original film DOO cannot be held accountable for any costs and possible damages resulting from the reception of the content, or the use of Muzzik services. This does not apply to planned costs of accessing from abroad.

Contents of Muzzik service that include Original film DOO contents as well as the contents produced by advertisers or partners, are protected by copyrights and neighboring rights. Any changes, lending, selling or distribution of contents is not allowed without the prior written consent by Original film DOO or an advertiser or a partner. If a user believes that copyrights or neighboring rights have been breached, they are obliged to notify Original film DOO about it ASAP. If Original film DOO establishes that the user is using or distributing the content without authorization, Original film DOO is entitled to temporarily and without warning withhold access to such content for an individual user, and to initiate court proceedings in order to collect the indemnification.

Article 4

In case https://www.muzzik.tv  website contains links to third party websites, Original film DOO publishes links in good faith and cannot be held accountable for contents outside the website and application. Users use such content at their own risk.

Article 5

By accepting these Terms of Use, the user accepts that Muzzik services will include commercial ads and various information, administrator messages and similar notifications for service users that are essential for the proper functioning of all services and content. Original film DOO will be periodically sending a newsletter to registered users, which will include sponsorship information. By registering within Muzzik apps, the user agrees to receive the newsletter. In the event that user subsequently decides that they do not want to receive such messages, i.e. that they are revoking their consent for the processing of their personal data, they may revoke their permission for the use of their e-mail address for the newsletter by clicking on the link enabling them to unsubscribe from the newsletter list which is available in every newsletter sent to users.

Article 6

Access and consumption of content through Muzzik service is possible via smartphones and tablets (iOS 10 and newer, Android 6 and newer), personal computers (Windows 7 and newer, Mac OS X v. 10.7 and newer, with the use of the latest version of standard internet browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Safari) and AndroidTV devices (Android 8 and newer). Original film DOO shall not be held accountable in case content reception is disrupted due to inadequate technical support or insufficient Internet connection speed.

Article 7

Original film DOO withholds the right to change or modify these Terms of Use of Muzzik Service without prior notice. Original film DOO will notify users about any changes. It is assumed that by using any content within the Muzzik Service, users are aware of and consent to changes of the Terms of Use.

Article 8

The user can contact Muzzik at: Original film DOO, Koče Popovića 9, Belgrade, Serbia or by e-mail: info@muzzik.tv

In case of termination, complaint or request send e-mail: info@muzzik.tv

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